Saturday, 23 March 2013

Skin Fair 2013 - Quest for a new Skin - Skindustrial Bodywerks

I love these skins from Skindustrial Bodywerks, which are exclusive to the fair. Again, not my colour per say, I prefer black ethnic tones, not tanned. There isn't however many tribal skins that are created with inspiration taken right from RL. Most kind of just make it up, so I like these for their authenticity. 

Makeups from Left to Right

SKBW Tribal Skin Red/White
SKBW Tribal Skin Red/Skintone
SKBW Tribal Skin Red/Plain
SKBW Tribal Skin Black/White
SKBW Tribal Skin Black/Red

Each pack is L$700. Packs contain 10 tribal paints in one Tone (Red/White, Red/Skintone, Plain, Black/White and Black/Red) with 2 Brow shapes and matching mesh bare feet.

I really like the Red/Skintone Combos, from what I could see on the booth poster. Again, another designer that doesn't have demos of all the skins, but at least there are pictures of all the various tribal paints, so you can at least see what you will get. Just might not be able to tell if everything will work with your shape.

I think I am getting this one for sure. Putting it on the list!

Skindustrial Bodywerks is located on Sim 1 of the fair.

Hair - Sari's
Eyes - Tuli
Lashes - LeLutka
Outfit - The Plastik

Skin Fair 2013 - Quest for a new Skin - Fake

First up on my quest for a new skin is Fake.

Although the exclusive featured at the fair aren't as dark as I would want for a skin, I was intrigued by the theme of the line at the booth. Who doesn't enjoy the 7 Sins?

Tones/Skins from Left to Right

Bella Porcelain in Gluttony
Bella Porcelain in Sloth
Bella Ginger in Envy
Bella Pale in Pride
Bella Peach in Greed
Bella Peach in Wrath
Bella Earth in Lust

Each pack is L$499. Packs contain each skin tone (Porcelain, Peach, Pale, Ginger and Earth) with Brow or No Brow options, Normal or Cleavage and Black, Brown and Ginger Brows (Not Shown Here).

While you are picking up your demos/skins, don't forget the booth gift. You get all these lovely Eyes above.

As well as these 2 makeups!

Left to Right

Bella Peach in Greed
No Makeup - Late Night Smokey - Midnight Smokey

My fav is the Wrath Makeup, I'd have to get it in earth. Sadly the demos don't feature all tones in all makeups. What you see above is what you get. Makes it hard to judge how the makeups would look on each tone, as it changes the darker you go. Not sure if the red would be as vibrant or not.

Fake is located on Sim 1 of the fair.

Hair - Calico Creations
Lashes - Lelutka
Lingerie - Sweet Intoxication

*Fair Tip - When you land, make a landmark, each sim's landmark has a map with the stores labelled. I use this to find the stores I'm looking for *

Skin Fair 2013 - The Quest for a new Skin!

Skin Fair 2013 is here, and with that is a bunch of awesome exclusive event skins. I have a bit of a budget, so can only get a few skins, so I decided to grab as much demos as I liked, and feature my favourites.

I feel this process may help me choose what I can fit into my budget, and it might just bring to light something you yourself may have missed while going through the demos yourself.

I am dark skinned in my everyday form, though when blogging I will wear many different tones. I am looking for everyday skins and unique skins. So I wont be featuring everyone, even if I like their skins, as some designers don't make darker tones =(

Heres to hoping I find something awesome!
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